Contemporary intercultural performance

This company is under the auspicies of Argentine Embassy in The Netherlands

El Sur Mundo Project started in 2001, as a laboratory of dance makers and performers conformed by Argentinian - Dutch dancers, leaded by Gabriela Zuarez. El Sur Mundo Project - Performing Arts- proposal hold an interdisciplinary and intercultural profile as dance performance group. It researches on the fusion and connections of contemporary dance with theatre and cultural devices as language, gestural behaviour, codes, 'tempo', exploring the layers destiling from tango culture as performative elements. The contemporary concept of performance is foregrounded in the emphatization of localism, as phenomenical element attempting to the construction of dance performance and a new authentic dramaturgy.

Research and Productions

The company, has been performing at the alternative and independent circuit of theatres, cultural festivals and congresses, theatre and dance venues, principally in Holland and Argentina, Germany and Greece.

Development Projects

As part of its development work, the company has started initiated two new projects, which run at the same time to the performance program.
The artistic leader of the group, together with her artistic collaborators, initiated an action of international exchange with a menu of seminars and a performance program, enhancing the artistic network between Argentine and Holland. Project 'De Campo' International Exchange started in 2008 and Intercultural Intercultural Event 'Orígenes' will be launched at the end of 2011.