New dance for new dancers...

Hybrid Languages is a dance dramaturgy research-project that is enticing the revision, the re-assimilation of dance and theatre techniques and as well the hybridization of those regarding the elaboration of dance language and the sistematization of a choreographic system. The project is focused on dancer's corporeality, its cultural body and it is informed by the Tango culture in all its forms.
The project in itself is seeking a new identity in the dance and it aims to construct an innovative performative aesthetic, as well it looks for the formation of a dance communities.

Hybrid Languages is holding an open call for registrations to activities for dancers and actors (students/ professional) who wish to work on technical eclecticism, hibridizations, dance vocabulary and to approach the construction sources of the tango (physical, connective and cultural) into a wider performative scope. The project is meant for those motivated dancers who are interested in research, choreographic processes, in enlarging their vision about contemporary performance and ultimately who has affinity with the company. The project has its bases within the Cie Sur Mundo Project and Gabriela Zuarez, the artistic leader, gears the project

Hybrid Languages has, initially, merged as outcome of the symposium IDOCDE during the Wien festival ImpulsTanz in 2016. Since then the project has been developed its phases programming residencies, workshops, labs and as well welcoming artiest-in-residence.
Actually Hybrid Languages is part of an international exchange between The Netherlands and Argentina till the end 2019.

  • Choreographic Residency Tango, Contemporaneity and Dramaturgy BAU Studios' Amsterdam 2017
  • Coreo-Lab at III JIRA Symposium on Rhythmic in the Arts Centro Cultural Recoleta Buenos Aires 2017
  • Choreolab Europe Spring lab 2018
  • Workshop-Lab Rhythmic Dance & Performance: Tango, Milonga & Candombe. ICK/ De Vlugt Amsterdam 2018
  • Residencia internacional de danza COREO-LAB, Centro Cultural Matienzo Buenos Aires 2018 (open for submissions, see

Information and contact: Micaela Tettamanti Tel: 011 153 7848924 E-mail: micaelatettamanti[at]

In-Share choreographic Residence Amsterdam
Gender, transference and subjective body in the contemporary teachings of tango practice IDOCDE/ ImpulsTanz