Choreographic Residency Amsterdam 28th August- 10th September 2017

FEW PLACES AVAILABLE FOR MALE DANCERS for the tango clinic & musical/Lab. Week 4-10 September. see...

The In-share-choreographic residency revolves around the contemporaneity of the tango as a dance language and as a
theater form; that one will be approached as an evolution from an encrypted local Argentinian dance towards its contemporaneity in performance. The residence is part of the choreographer- dramaturge Gabriela Zuarez research project and she will lead the residence.
The residence entices an invitation to share choreographer's knowledge and processes with other artists who has common affinities and interests in this field. The invitation to the residence participation is intended for those dance performers who are interested to approach the subject Tango from the traditional into a wider performative scope, to learn a new a choreographic system and to develop a dramaturgy out of it. The ultimate residence objective is the transference of choreographer's knowledge to new dancers generations. Collaborators in- residence: with: Jorge Fataurus (dance-tango master), Gerardo Agnese (Musician), Maria Ines Villasmil (repetitor), Sanne Clifford (dance coacher), Celeste Franco (documentarist- filmmaker). Scroll down...

In-Share choreographic residence

For whom:
The residency is meant to those professional dancers and performers with background in Tango -or who are familiar with it- as well it addresses to active tango dancers or teachers with interest in modern theatre or choreography. There are no age boundaries. Though, the motivated artists must be active dancers or teachers, as well performers with relevant physical condition are able to apply for participation. Download the pdf document; jpg document

*Motivation letter, short CV and short video links before the to with the subject 'residence' and your name. The application must be done individually. Dancers may apply with his/ her dance- couple but it is not a condition for this residence to have a dance partner.
*Applicants will be informed immediately after the selection.
*Places are limited, therefore the selected candidates must book its place within 7 days.
*There is a contribution fee for the participation. See program information second page...

The residency will develop daily for 14 days non-stop from 28th August till 10th September at BAU studios Amsterdam.  The residency program has 2 different stages including a try-out documentation:
*1. a week of Repertory and Choreography/ Dramaturgy Study-Lab including a close try-out presentation, will be the conclusion of the residency including Improvisation work-out with a try-out/ documentation. See program information first page...
*2. a week of Musical/Lab and Tango Clinic including Improvisation work-out with a try-out/ documentation. See program for male dancers...

Residency address: BAU Studio's Amsterdam Entrepotdok 4 1018 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact: Gabriela Zuarez +31640238564


Tango workshop at the IDOCDE Symposium/ ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna July 2016

'Gender, transference and the subjective body in the contemporary teachings of tango practice' is the headline of the workshop and lecture that will be taught by Gabriela Zuarez (NL/ ARG) during the 4th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education at the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival from off July 29 - 31, 2016. This workshop is oriented towards dance teachers, contemporary dancers and (tango) performers. The workshop is part of one of the programs that will be held during the symposium. Event: Idocde 2016