Vacancy: Marketing & Communication in the creative industry

Cie Sur Mundo is seeking a volunteer/ intern for 3-months period...

Are you raising experience or in a career change...
Do you want to showcase your portfolio as cultural marketeer?
Do you want to work in the creative business to get your feet wet?

We like to recruit a motivated volunteer/ intern who will be eager to learn, to develop as collaborative brainstormer for the creative vision of the company.
The candidate will be supporting the social media/ mailing communication channels; co-creating a tailored marketing-plan; setting up online products; managing the contacts list before/ during the events and mapping networks.
Your advantages: ground- work experience aside the director and artistic- team; will join events, compensation costs and referral. Contact: 06 402 38564 Solicitation: motivation letter + short CV to .
More information...full vacancy available

OPEN CALL: learning & exchange dance research Hybrid Languages. Intake 29 March 2019

To modern dancers and performers!
Those who will be interested in the learning & exchange dance research Hybrid Languages/ Phase6 must register for the intake. The learning & exchange dance research will take through the periods: March 30 - April 7; May 15 - 19 and June 5 - 9. The closure will present a couple of open presentations in June. The project, which is under the auspices of the Dutch embassy, is taking place partially in Argentina and partially in the Netherlands.

Invitation to candidates
We invite professional and motivated dancers of all ages and backgrounds with a special interest in Argentine tango (or with Latin American rhythms) as well interest in: artistic and choreographic processes; dance language; movement research; dramaturgy; improvisation
The intake will take place on Friday, March 29 in Amsterdam, based on invitation.

Registration and bookings
You can registrate for this intake by sending your motivation, CV (max. 2 A4), photo and 2 video links at .

Contribution-fee for the research: euros 200.

About Hybrid Languages
The sixth and final phase of the Hybrid Languages ​​project will start this spring. In this learning & exchange project, dramaturge choreographer Gabriela Zuarez investigates with a number of dancers how you can arrive at a new movement language from modern dance and theater, improvisation and the use of popular and local dance and the 'tango traditions'.
The project, which is under the auspices of the Dutch embassy, ​​takes place partly in Argentina and partly in the Netherlands. Check the previous information on the website of Cie Sur Mundo more information

Hybrid Languages is being developed during a series of residences, workshops and labs at various public and other locations in Amsterdam and Buenos Aires since 2017. Hybrid Languages ​​will form the core of the follow-up project in 2020. Do you want to know more about the registration procedure or the content of the dance research? Then contact Gabriela Zuarez, telephone 06 402 38564, e-mail .

Dancers' profile
- Modern dancers, movers and performers with background in Tango or Western folklore (though not excluding)
- Dance teachers and Tango dancers with further relevant condition training

Field of interest
- Dance/ movement research, dramaturgy, choreographic processes, making language, hybrid techniques, dance identities and corporeality - Tango dance and/or its culture, in intercultural performance, diaspora