La Interna Duo 2005-2006

Presented at Honey Honey event Theatre Muiderpoort Amsterdam, Festival Dias Latinos Amersfoort 2005 and 10th edition Festival Dias Latinos Amersfoort 2006, Première Muiderpoort Theatre Amsterdam NL, 20th Congress of Dance Research, CID-UNESCO Greece, Teatro El Búho Buenos Aires and III International Festival Cambalache, El Cubo Theatre, Buenos Aires- Argentine

This work is the progressive result of a first research process initiated with a trio of dancers.This oportunity a female duet embodied in the life of two women who once in their life has been friends. The theme is the absence of love in human relations; the satirized and frustrated mythical concept of love, which drives performers into the irony and the absurdity of tragedy, dividing the ideals of love and friendship, bringing them into a tragicomic emptiness.

Concept & direction Gabriela Zuarez -Dance & performance Gabriela Zuarez & Claudia Jakobsen
-Sound band John Kamstra -Musical Compilation Los Locos de al lao Group, Porcelli Ensemble and Glorias Porteñas -Light Design Peter Veenstra -Artistic coaching Ayled Izurrieta de Valery y Nadja Filtzer -Photographer Theo van Loon -Publicity Mira Moreno Mijailova