La Interna Trio 2008

8 February 2008 National Premier Dansmaand program at the Lieve Vrouw Theatre , Amersfoort Holland

La Interna Trio is an idea inspired by the European Tango salon. The Choreographer is nurtered for her personal life story in her native Argentine and in the foreign sophisticated European Tango salons. She presents a ruthless analogy of the idyllic Argentine Tango ambiance introducing as elements an acute humor and a crude realism about the transculturation of human love's relationships. La Interna-Trio is created for a trio of dancer-actors which presented a previeuw, 'La Interna II' ,at the III Festival Cambalache in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2006, the Muiderpoort theatre in Amsterdam and at the International Dance Congress in Greece.

Concept en idea Gabriela Zuarez -Coreography: Gabriela Zuarez -Performers Claudia Jakobsen , Gabriela Zuarez and Ezequiel Sanucci -Dance advice Ayled Izurrieta -Drama advice Nadja Filtzer -Music: Enrique Canaro, Eduardo Adrian, Narcotango, Bajo fondo and Rodolfo Mederos, Las Paez , Los Locos de al lao, Porcelli Ensemble, Glorias Portenas.Light design Petyr Veenstra- Photographer Theo Van Loon en Sophie Coussin