Tangos Imaginarios 2002-2003

This performance has been presented in Holland at: Cultural Centre De Badcuyp Amsterdam; Engelenbak theatre Amsterdam; Muiderpoort theatre Amsterdam; Colour Dance Festival Amsterdam, Ethnic Dance Festival Zuidplein Theatre Rotterdam; Cinema De Liefde theatre Amsterdam; Festival Dias Latinos Amersfoort; InternationaleTango Tanz Tribune Karlsruhe, Germany.Tour Argentina 2008.

Performance inspired by the Argentinean tangowrtiter Enrique Santos Discepolo, who lived in the beginning of the 20th century. In Tangos's Imaginarios, modern dance and theatre integrates cultural localisms into a unique composition.The theme revolves about the transformations of love, where a man and a woman meet in traditional argentinian salons in Buenos Aires: bars, salons, milongas, the street and where those places becomes site-metaphors of the tango world. Space, in the piece, is dynamic and it displays together with the slides installation designed by Marnix Alting Carpentier.

Idea & Concept Gabriela Zuarez & Jorge Arbert- Dancers/performers Gabriela Zuarez and Jorge Arbert -Choreography Gabriela Zuarez -Artistic leader Gabriela Zuarez -Light design and Installation Marnix Alting Carpentier -Technicians Petyr Veenstra and Martin Eberlein -Photography Herman Barlag -Executive Management John Kamstra -Production El Sur Mundo Project- Performing Arts-